TRAKA — Start Taking Note feat. Killa P Official Video

Dušan Petković:

Sara Gak :

Serbian graffiti and production squad TRAKA meet Serbian filmmakers Cannes Golden Lion-award-winning Dušan Petković and Sara Gak to create a remarkable reality-bending journey through time and space for their track "Start Taking Note", which features the distinct vocals of grime icon Killa P and was released on the Prague-based independent label, YUKU. Filmed in a variety of locations around Serbia, including architectural relics such as the forgotten Spitzer Castle and Aeronautical Museum Belgrade (built when Yugoslavia still existed), it combines dance and exceptional camera work/editing to manifest the cutting-edge of the Serbian Underground. The bespoke costumes are made and provided by a range of Serbian independent fashion designers. Synopsis: A warrior named Leksa defies time and space (with some awesome dance moves) in post-apocalyptic Serbia. Oh, and he fights a demon at the end.

Directed by: Dušan Petkovic and Sara Gak

Shot and edited by: Dušan Petkovic

Choreography/dancer: Aleksa Mijatovic

Costumes: Sara Gak

MUA and Hair: Ana Aćimović

VFX: Jovan Dudic

3D Mask Model: Stanko Jančić

Models: Simona Miloš, Nada Dimitrijević

Designer: Morfijum, Kadet Street Wear, Neo Design, Disciplina Store, Sonja Iglić, Ana Trošić, Milica Vukadinović