Subp Yao — Shimmer Official Video

The official video for 'Shimmer' by Subp Yao, released on YUKU Buy the 'Infra Aqual' album here:

Subp Yao :

Director : Strictua (

Dancer : Simon Bus (

This music video explores the relationship between music, movement, and architecture, and more significantly—humankind's relationship with nature. We follow dancer Simon Bus while he surrenders himself to abstract shapes and the spectacular 360° view of the scenery. The shapes and lines of the captivating 'Valley of Heroes' sculpture in Bosnia & Herzegovina proved to be a great source of inspiration. The flowing expressiveness responds to, yet also stands in stark contrast to the formality of this monument of a Communist regime, just as the monument itself stands in contrast to the verdant nature of the valley. Architect Rudolf von Laban inspired us with this quote: “Movement is more or less living architecture, living through changes of position but also through cohesion. This architecture created by human movement is formed by pathways tracing forms in space, and we call those forms "trace-forms.”