— A listening community: Our family of subscribers who receive YUKU label releases first — months ahead of everyone else in the world

— The people at the heart of YUKU and what it represents: Curious and open-minded explorers who believe in listening culture and don't stay within genre boundaries

— A trusted crew of individuals from across the world who spread the word about the music we release


Monthly renewal (price approx: €24 per month) + VAT

6-monthly renewal (price approx: €120 / $130 each 6 months (€20 per month)) + VAT

Yearly renewal (price approx: €200 / $215 each 12 months (€16 per month)) + VAT

— All YUKU releases in digital form ahead of their worldwide release dates

— Bandcamp codes for all YUKU releases that hit their worldwide release date while you are part of the YUKRU

— All YUKU digital / shortform (YUKUSF) releases on the worldwide release date

— Exclusive digital copies of our vinyl-only white label series

— Either 3 or 6 months of the YUKU release backcatalogue (for bi-annual and annual subscribers only)

— An item of YUKU clothing with stickers approximately each 6 months

— Discount code for 50% off anything on the YUKU bandcamp

If you would like to join the YUKRU, click HERE to leave your contact info and we'll be in touch!

The most important thing is to have an open mind because YUKU is indefinable and constantly evolving across multiple genres, sounds, and styles. We're constantly seeking timeless music that elicits all kinds of emotions, from searing bass, to playful IDM, hypnotic 160, melodic or banging techno, and experimental broken beat and breakbeat-oriented music. The YUKRU are listeners who are ready to be constantly surprised, and we are dedicated to bringing them the best music that we can find from wide horizons.

If you love immersion into unique listening experiences, your tastes are not defined by tempo or structure, and you take real pleasure in experiencing music with others, you will feel very at home as part of the YUKRU. Make sure to listen to through the playlist below before applying to get an idea of our range. We look forward to connecting with you!