— Our family of subscribers who receive YUKU label releases first, before anyone else in the world, by a considerable amount of time

— The people are that core of our concept, curious-minded explorers with wide tastes who believe in the concept of 'listening culture'

— A trusted crew of individuals from across the world who spread the word about YUKU, about the artists who are at the heart of it, and most importantly — about the music itself

— The kind of people who highly value intimate listening experiences with their friends and connections to creators



(Price approx: €113 / $134 each 6 months) + VAT

— All YUKU releases 7 months ahead of the worldwide release date

— The ability to play all the music in a live (unrecorded) context

— Permission to play specific tracks from each release in recorded mixes and livestreams

— An item of YUKU clothing with stickers each 6 months

— Entry into the private YUKU forum where you can connect with us and other YUKRU, share your creations, and get secret previews of coming projects

— You can expect one or two releases each month (check our Soundcloud to get an idea of the flow and regularity of music)

— 15% off any items in the YUKU bandcamp


(Price approx: €270 / $325 each 6 months) + VAT (for EU)

— Everything that DIGITAL YUKRU subscribers get (see list above), plus the following:

— All YUKU vinyl releases, usually 1–2 months in advance of the worldwide release (manufacturing can be a little unpredictable)

— Additional prints/posters of the cover artwork of all releases

— Regular YUKU stickers in the vinyl deliveries

— All shipping costs are included in the price

— 50% discount on shipping records from

Entry to the YUKRU is currently by interview. Click HERE and leave your details, and we will be in touch.

The number of spaces is limited.

The most important thing for us is that you have a broad music taste, because we consider YUKU to be indefinable and constantly evolving across multiple genres, sounds, and styles. We are constantly seeking timeless music that elicits all kinds of emotions, from searing bass, to playful IDM, hynotic 160 and techno, and experimental drum and bass and breakbeat-oriented music. The YUKRU are listeners who are ready to be constantly surprised, and we are dedicated to bringing them the best music that we can find from a broad and unusual palette.

If you love immersion into unique listening experiences, your tastes are not defined by tempo or structure, and you take immense pleasure in showing music to others in your own space or from behind the decks, the YUKRU is very likely a group of people into which you will fit perfectly.

Make sure to listen to through the playlist below before leaving your contact information for us. We look forward to connecting with you!