MACHINECODE emerged from deep within the framework of reality, flickering into existence and twisting together the fibers of 2 of the sonic realm’s most effective algorithms – Current Value & Dean Rodell. A new sentient form awakened, combining attitudes of progression and precision and driving the MachineCode project to the cusp of the future. It’s there they reside, probing the void with cold sensors and a singular purpose to extract of only the purest unmanifested audio archetypes from the digital universe.

The duo have released numerous full length LPs, including MECHTROPOLIS, SAMURAI, VELOCITY, UNDER THE SUN, ENVIRONMENTS along with an array of EPs and singles expressing their diverse and uniquely stated agenda.

2020 saw the release of one of their most experimental full-length albums to date — 'Every Ones & Nothings' on YUKU, the broad and timeless nature of which will certainly continue to be discovered and enjoyed for years to come.