Releases on: MethLab Recordings, INVISIBLE

Based in: Rome, Italy

EXEPT are unique in the realm of deep and precisely crafted drum and bass, with their clear and hard-edged, yet understated sound cutting them as a distinct creative force. Erupting seemingly out of nowhere with releases on Noisia's INVISIBLE imprint and then a sequence of exquisitely crafted releases on MethLab Recordings with the STRONGER and NEMESI EPs, followed by the BROKEN MECHANICS // ATTITUDE single, Exept quickly established themselves as a poignant new entity with a refined and considered ethic. With a background in scratch turntablism and hip hop production, the Italian duo combined forces, resulting in an impressive fusion of their extensive production skills and sharp sonic aesthetics.

Live shows are with either one or both members of Exept. With both members, you can expect an intense and very live show with sharply placed scratching performances, a unique rarity in the deep drum and bass landscape.