Releases on: Owsla, Inspected, Critical, RAM, Neosignal, Disciple, Open Outlets, MethLab

Based in: Bristol, UK

CULPRATE is a creator who has cut a distinct and complex mark across the landscape of electronica. An artist dedicated to audio exploration, with a refusal to be nailed down to specific genres, he has laid down a complex and refined outlook to production through his work. Landmark releases on some of bass music's truly taste-defining labels such as OWSLA, INSPECTED, CRITICAL, RAM, NEOSIGNAL and DISCIPLE have established his remarkable presence as an artist, with an impressive trail of music that has led to his recognition as a unique talent and creative force. His desire to connect the dots across multiple genres and a diverse array of creators also led to him manifesting his own imprint OPEN OUTLETS, as well as self-released projects like the UNITY series - a meeting point of ideas and a melting pot of fresh concepts which has been met with widespread appreciation.

The origins of his creativity sprouted from an early age through learning the guitar and developing his knowledge of practical music and theory. This developed into an interest for electronic music following extensive work with recording bands and using analogue gear throughout college, during which time he was introduced to computer based production. During these formative years he developed the basis of his sound, manifesting his sonic persona in the form of mind-blowing anthems that made their way into clubs, and later gained the attention of seminal artists such as KOAN Sound, Gemini and Skrillex with whom he has directly collaborated.

His stream of releases to date have been poised and carefully timed, with his intent fully in only releasing music that has been carefully developed and refined. The results have spoken for themselves, with his more recent DAWN EP and FIVE STAR EP landing to heavy critical acclaim, and his last LP - DELIVERANCE - creating waves in the years after its release in 2014. Already a household name for those who know, word of a new EP incoming on INSPECTED and rumours of a new LP in development set the scene for Culprate to push things into more impressive territory in the coming years.