• YUKU001

YUKU stands as a counterpoint to contemporary arts culture and the way that it is experienced and consumed. In an age where music has been devalued to the point of performers being a list of names intended to sell tickets, impatience on the dancefloor, music being just another track in a playlist, and the visual artwork that accompanies it relegated to being a thumbnail in the corner of a player—we stand for those artists and listeners who take joy in immersing themselves in the worlds and journeys that are created by those who create. YUKU is an open and accepting forum of ideas, expression, and creativity that allows for those who are willing to drink in the emotions and concepts being communicated—an island of experience and stimulation for the kinds of people who like to be surprised, those who aren’t satisfied to hear and experience the same things time and time again, an oasis in the never-ending sea of digital information and consumerism.

We invite you to join us there.